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[human rights film festival] 5th International Tri-Continental Film Festival- Human Rights in Frames

Invitation for
5th Tri-Continental Film Festival
Human Rights in Frames

“It was not just Mother Earth and her children who were pillaged by the coming of the machines. The bruise went deeper till it scratched, mauled and diseased the very heart of the universe. The Human Eye is fading. The eye as a mass of flesh and blood runs on the rudimentary mechanism of the camera- it captures the images that drift within its limited scope. Apathy is the response of machines. The human eye is a whole different deal. The human eye sees beyond. The human eye seeks, probes, discovers. The human eye captures with emotion, passion, empathy and meaning. Let our eyes then locate the humanity in the everyday canvas that passes its scope. Only then will all the loneliness find empathy and a shoulder, only then will the drifted and displaced find a place to belong, only then will the great burden of grief on the world be tempered with love. A wise man once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Soul is never singular. Soul is the heart of the universe.

Tomorrow, look down on at the dirty pavement. I’ll be crouched there smoking. If you look down and offer me a human gaze, I’ll gaze back and somewhere between us you’ll find the heart of the universe.”

- Translated from the paranoia and prophesy of Baba Shivnaam Muhammed Francis

Each day one is confronted by sounds and images of senseless violence. Each day we descend deeper into a glass cage of Prozac emotions and well-worn clichés. Each day the humanity in us jades a bit. If we are to persevere, there must be defiance. The quest is for hope. The quest is for what we have lost.

Bangalore Film Society in association with Breakthrough TV and Alliance Francaise de Bangalore is proud to present the 5th International Tri Continental Film Festival- Human Rights in Frames.

January 30th- February 1st, 2009. 28 acclaimed and important films from across three continents that navigate through the excesses and damages of our times, history and the present, to find the images and dialogues of hope, humanity and an inspiration for a better future.

Festival will be Inaugurated by Shri. Suresh Heblikar, well known Kannada Film Actor, Director, Producer & Environmental Activist

For Bangalore schedule of TriContinental 2009 click here

For synopsis of films click here

Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, Thimmaiah Road,
Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore – 52.

Contact: Ph: 25493705 Mob: 9886771173/ 9886213516

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