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[screening/discussion]The Livelihood Documentaries

Center for Civil Society, Jeevika in collaboration with Bangalore Film Society presents

Livelihood Documentary Screenings & Discussion

14-15 March 2009, Venue: Aashirvad, Bangalore

Time: 1.30 to 8.00pm

Saturday 14th, March 2009

1.30pm Inauguration by Acclaimed Documentary Film-Maker Mr. Vinod Raja

1.45pm to 2.50pm - Tales from the Sands of Time

1.45pm Opening Film: Storytellers (English & Tamil / 0:25:02 / Dec. 2006 / India / Prashanth Kumar R, Daya J)

The film is based on the art and life of L. Rajappa, a shadow puppeteer from Pondicherry and shows how traditional art forms are sidelined into oblivion in the present era of globalized mass media, television and cinema.

2.10pm Film: What is the Point of Stories if They Aren’t Even True? (Hindi, English & Gujarati / 0:11:15 / 15-04-2008 / Ahmedabad / Aditi Banejeei)

A film on the art of storytelling through the eyes of an eighty-year-old storyteller. This film takes a look at the purpose of storytelling in the past and current context and addresses the larger purpose of life and art itself.

2.25pm Film: Bahurupia(Hindi, English/ 0:25:10 )

Bahurupia (Multiple Role performers) arc very versatile, itinerant performers who used to provide entertainment, at the doorstep, to all sections of society in many parts of India by performing a variety of roles. The tradition is oyer 500 years old; but due to the lack of Royal/State patronage, and the increase of Radio, Cinema and TV channels, their art is on the verge of disappearing.

2.50pm to 3.15pm DISCUSSION & BREAK

3.15pm to 4.45pm -Earth’s Vanishing Signposts

3.15pm Film: Chilika Banks$-Stories from India’s Largest Coastal Lake –1970-2007 (Hindi / 00:65:00 / 2008 / Orissa / Akanksha Joshi)

In a canvass spread over four decades, a banyan tree on the banks of the Lake Chilika silently whispers tales of the lake and her fisher folk. From the times when there was no export bazaar to the time when there may be no lake.

4.20pm Film: Gaubolombe-Our Island (English & Hindi / 0:30:00 / 2007 / Andaman / Kaushik Gupta Ray)

A film on the Onge tribe of the Andaman Islands who are the last living embodiments of creating sustainable models of environmental management.

4.45pm to 5.30pm DISCUSSION & BREAK

5.30pm- 7.30pm - The Feminine Space

5.30pm Film: Stories of Change (Bengali /0:55:00 / 14-03-08 / Bangladesh / Kamar Ahmad Simon & Sara Afreen)

A real life documentary about the lives of five women, aging from 16 to 60, from varying religious and professional backgrounds and regions of Bangladesh and their struggle for human existence.

6.30pm Film: Lakshmi and Me (English, Tamil, Marathi & Hindi / 0:59:00 / Nov. 2007 / Mumbai / Nishtha Jain)

A film on the relationship between two women, Nishtha (the filmmakers) and her 21-year old housemaid Lakshmi. As the filmmaker is drawn deeper into Lakshmi’s life, she is forced to question many of the things she takes for granted.


Sunday 15th, March 2009

2.00pm to 3.30pm - Mutating Identities

2.00pm Film: Our Family (Tamil / 0:56:00 / Oct. 2007 / Tamil Nadu / K P Jayashankar, Dr. Anjali Monteiro)

A film which brings together excerpts from Nirvanam, a one person performance, by Pritham K Chakravarthy and a family of three generations of trans-gendered female subjects: Aasha, Seetha and Dhana, who are bound together by ties of adoption, belonging to the Aravanis community popularly known as Hijras in India

3.00pm Film: Buru Garra (Hindi /0:30:00 / 2007 / Jharkhand / Shriprakash)

Poignant stories of a tribal journalist and a poet in Jharkhand and how they express themselves through the new form and medium of self-resurrection of tribal identity and culture.

3.30pm to 4.00pm - DISCUSSION & BREAK

4.00pm to 5.30pm - Chronicles of the Displaced

4.00pm Film: Of Land, Labour, and Love (Kondha, Parja & Oriya / 1:05:00 / Jan 2008 / Dasmanthpur, Orissa / Ajay Bhardwaj)

A film on the efforts of the tribal people of Dasmanthpur to overcome their crippling poverty caused by the fragile ecosystem that has been destroyed by the felling of trees coupled with the governments neglect leading to chronic malnutrition and ill-health, symptomised by yearly epidemics and high rates of distress migration

5.00pm Film: Hearts Suspended (English / 0:27:00 / July 2008 / Jersey City, NJ, USA / Meghna Damani)

An autobiographical documentary that reveals how highly educated South Asian immigrant women struggle to survive in the United States on their H4 or dependent spouse visas, which does not allow them work authorization.

5.35pm to 6.15pm DISCUSSION & BREAK

6.15pm to 7.40pm - Re-weaving Community

6.15pm Film: A Shawl to Die For (English / 0:21:00 / Oct. 2006 / Srinagar / Rita Banerji)

The film explores the conflict on the ban on Shahtoosh weaving and showcases an alternative livelihoods project that is helping to preserve the traditional skills of Shahtoosh craftspeople while helping them move away from shahtoosh weaving and towards alternative earnings.

6.45pm Film: Voices from the Forest-India (English / 0:32:00 / Oct. 2007 / Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa & Tamil Nadu / Rita Banerji)

A film on the livelihood of forest dwellers and how they are working hand in hand with grassroots NGOs, traders, and government to address the challenges posed by low productivity, lack of technology, irrational Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) laws, and wide-scale contract-based extinction.

7.10pm Closing Film: Kathputli (English & Hindi / 0:30:00 / 2006 / Delhi / Sudheer Gupta)

The film examines the conditions in which 12,000 families of folk artists in Kathputli Colony, a slum in West Delhi survive and why their children unanimously do not want to carry on with their forefathers’ professions.

Free Admission

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