Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[screenings] One Time and One Time Only

‘There is great disorder under heaven and the situation is excellent’
-Gen. Li, Doonesbury by G.B. Trudeau

‘Each will have his personal Rocket.’
-Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

"The whole world was watching us, and we had a chance to show the world how it could be if we ran things,” growled Wavy Gravy, the Woodstock 69’ MC . You can either take it or leave it at that. But for what it counts, Woodstock Music & Art Fair 1969: An Aquarian Exposition was more than its base statistics- 400,000 people, 3 days, 32 of the best rock, folk, blues, jazz, psychedelic acts, 600acres of dairy farm, one of the 50 Moments that changed Rock & Roll History and for all you know, 43miles away from the actual town of Woodstock. It was more than the ‘fitting end to a beautiful generation’ that it is often purported as. For a time that believed that the present and the now were the infinite and the glorious, nostalgia is an ill-spent dime and any and all speculation, just so much paper.

As the 40th anniversary of those 3 glorious days knocks on the door, we will not commit the mistake of remembering Woodstock or commit something as ignoble as pay tribute. Woodstock was an event of our collective consciousness, a concert of our mind, pure color- the first plucked string still vibrates an aurora borealis somewhere along the atmosphere. It is not a place and time far, far away that we seek but a dimension, where if you turn back mad flowers bloom and sweep, rain falls on guitar strings, people frolic manic in the mud arms akimbo awaiting the promised beautiful embrace and the air is made of the sweetest music ever played. Woodstock 69 is the eternal and Bangalore Film Society is proud to celebrate the Love, Peace, Freedom, Beauty and Music, and play it like it once played and plays forever- ‘One Time and One Time Only’

Sunday 16th August, 2009 Time: 4.30pm
Woodstock: The Director’s Cut (1970/225mins) Dir: Michael Wadleigh

225minutes of not only the greatest concert ever played but 225minutes that changed cinema forever. Iconoclast film-maker and counterculture icon Michael Wadleigh along with 100 member rag tag which included a very young Mr. Scorsese not just executed one of the greatest films of all time but captured what no film had or has since captured- a unique time, a unique mood of a crumbling utopia having its greatest howl. Stylistically revolutionary at the time with its inventive use of editing and the split-screen, Wadleigh’s free-wheeling and gorgeously painted frames and expositions translate with not a missing vibe the grand human poetry that was and is ‘Woodstock Music & Art Fair 1969: An Aquarian Exposition’. Winner of the Best Documentary Feature, Academy Awards 1971.



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