Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[water film festival] Voices From The Waters 2010: 5th International Film Festival on Water

“The heron in the canyon, a bighorn ram on the cliff above, one lean coyote on the rim across the river hear the sound of the howl, the song of a wolf, rise in the twilight stillness and spread through the emptiness of the desert evening. One long and prolonged deep wild archaic howl, rising and rising and rising on the quiet air.”

- Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang

“Claim the rain that showers down from the sky- drizzle, torrent and hail. Not just in your outstretched palms or in pitter-pattering buckets. Assert your stake in the clouds. The image of the cloud- the sprawling cumulonimbus that blocks out the sun. The memory of clouds- a magnificent white elephant will-o’-the-wisping into a swallow in pristine slow flight. Learn by heart, the high school elementary science of the clouds. Of water sizzled from the oceans, rivers, streams, ponds; of water squirreled away by the bouncing sunshine from over your skin, snatched from the immediacy of your breath. Look out the window, into the beyond where this science runs riot and bleeds into the landscape with color, texture, smell and the occasional ecstacy. A mysterious flower that has bloomed under you and over, consuming you. In shorthand, ‘Life’…. And once again, I repeat, ‘Claim the rain….’

- Shohei Kitamura, Raise the Song of the Wolf

Voices from the Waters, Bangalore’s premier environmental film festival and open platform and the biggest of its kind in the world returns for its 5th edition which unfolds in color and noise across Bangalore from the 27th to 30th August 2010. Interspersed with songs, photo and art exhibitions, installations, water walks, interactive sessions with water activists and film directors and culminating in a conference, ‘Voices from the Waters 2010: 5th International Film Festival and Open Platform on Water’ seeks your presence as part of the intricate design of the fabric of the festival where you are the medium that remember, claim and affirm water as a fundamental human right and the source of all life.

We Need You.


Venues and Schedules:

[Main venue] Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, Vasanthnagar For screening schedule click here

Badami House, NR Road For screening schedule click here

YWCA, Koramangala For screening schedule click here

(for school children)Balbhavan, Cubbon Park For screening schedule click here

(for college students) MES College, Malleswaram For screening list click here

Suchitra Film Society, Banashankari. For screening list click here

Conference on 30th August 2010: The Politics of Water


Contact: 25493705/9886213516/9731120043/9535060987

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