Friday, August 5, 2011

Film Festival Is Back (2011)

The supreme powers of the world seek another planet surfacing up the billions of dollars just to find another alternative planet to earth and what they do look for is “WATER” - The very essence of life.

The Festival that is held supreme importance to very existence is turning 6 years this 2011. Bangalore Film Society with collaboration with many others NGO’s have made a strong impact in showing the films that’s not only made a impact here in our very nation but also gotten responses and entries from about 30 countries this year.

Even thou there is growth with the number of audiences, responsive and support to this Film festival from year to another. We at BFS don’t enjoy the rapid devastation that is been caused to water in many parts of the world over the years. It’s likely even said that the next world war be fought over water. We tend to showcase the deadly reality that shows the plight at which many of our water bodies are been destroyed across the world.

Water - A shocking reality “ COMING SOON..................This August"

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