Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Of The Films Featuring This Year

English Title: Water How Much!

Original Title: Ghor Ghor Rani

Country of Production: India

Running Time: 3 min 40sec

Language: Hindi with English sub-Titles

Awards: India Premier


Ghor Ghor Rani (Water How Much!)

It’s a game played by the children, especially girls in the rural areas of Bundelkhand, India, where they play with the imagination of water-Ghor Ghor Rani (Gol Gol Rani in Hindi). Here in the film, the game has metaphorically presenting a grim reality. Absence of water, scarcity of life giving substance, here is pointed in poignant manner, through the game of little girls.

A life-time of struggle for water, probably awaits these young girls. Don’t waste water from young lips becomes a cry in this short film. Here conservation of water is the message of the film presented in a touching manner.

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